Here at Indigowares, we love sharing all the details of your garment’s creation with you. We put all of our care and effort into making ethical and environmental choices every step of the way – it’s one of the things that we’re most proud of!


This is why we started our Seed to Closet collection, a selection of garments that we’ve carefully documented during each step of their creation, all the way down to the very indigo plant used to create our signature beautiful blue hues.


When you wear Seed to Closet, you can trace your sustainable garment straight back to the earth, knowing that every technique used to produce it worked with the environment through planet friendly processes.






It can be easy to underestimate the impact that shopping sustainable fashion can have: to wonder if one person, buying one garment can really make a difference. Rest assured, your support of sustainable slow fashion brands like Indigowares goes a long way toward turning the tides on the environmental impact of fast fashion.


In recent years, the fast fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. If it continues on this way, that statistic could jump to 26% by 2050. Your choices around how you shop and what you wear can help stop this in its tracks.


By filling your closet with ethically created long lasting garments that stand the test of time, you are combatting over consumption and the environmental damage that comes with it. Just imagine the positive impact we could achieve if every brand was kinder to the planet, and every consumer knew about the ethical production processes that created their clothing. 


In addition to our environmental focus, Indigowares is a celebration of traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship. We prioritise being transparent and traceable with every design, knowing who has worked on each part of the process and the materials and techniques used every step of the way.


Sharing this info with you not only helps to spread awareness and knowledge of slow fashion practices; it also lets you in on the beautiful artistry that you carry with you every time you wear Indigowares! From the organic materials sourced, to the natural dyes and processes we use, to the quality hand stitching, each piece has such a unique story.

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Did you know that natural indigo dye comes from a plant? While fast fashion has seen an increase in synthetic indigo, brands like Indigowares stick to the environmental roots of indigo dyeing. 


We have a close relationship with the indigo farm that grows and harvests the indigo dye that we use… in fact we have seen the very soil that helps create the beautiful hues of your garment in person!


Clothes dyed with natural indigo have such a rich and varied past. When you wear these rich colours, you’re sharing the natural blue hues with history: everything from samurai protective under clothing, to African indigo dyed textiles, to items in pharaoh’s tombs, straight through to modern denim.

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Kantha is the style of stitching found in Indian embroidery, a key feature of one of our most popular signature styles. It’s no wonder that lovers of hand craft are drawn to these jackets – each one is hand stitched, making for a completely unique treasure.


The word Kantha actually translates to patched cloth. This relates directly to how kantha garments, blankets and accessories are created: by stacking old saris onto each other and hand stitching them together using a simple running stitch to make a thin cushioned layer.


The tradition of Kantha aligns with everything we love –  it upcycles old garments into a new life with care, craft, and a rich history. Not to mention the absolutely beautiful colours and patterns!

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The artisans at Sandhu Farms are our closest collaborators at Indigowares, growing, harvesting, and creating the natural Tarai Blue indigo used to dye our seed to closet garments (and many others too). 


Founded by Kiran Sandhu— ‘Kinny’ for short— Sandhu Farm sits in the foothills of the lower Himalayas. Kinny works with a group of incredible makers to create many of our designs here at Indigowares, with the perfect geographical conditions for the indigo dyeing process. We also partner with incredibly skilled embroiderers and block printers, bringing artistry from around the world into your closet.


If you are interested in indigo dyeing yourself, we sell Kinny’s organic Tarai Blue indigo cakes on our site. These have been tested at an amazing indigotin percentage of 57% purity. Click here for more info.

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