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Indigowares is made to be with you a long time. 

By using only the most sustainable fabrics and natural dyes, Indigowares brings you thoughtful eco friendly design that is created to last.

We also understand that everyday wear and tear is inevitable. That’s why we offer our Repair and Care Services.


 If you have a Indigowares design that needs repairing we are happy to do that for you free of charge. All you need to do is post back the piece to us at

4 Saxon Road




Please include your name, address and email so that we can confirm we have received it. We will then work our magic to repair it by either stitching, darning or patching it back to life.

You just need to pay for your postage (do get proof of postage for your insurance) We will send it back to you free of charge.


In the middle of a closet clear-out? Maybe you’re in the market for something new, and are looking to retire your piece of Indigowares?

When you’re done wearing an Indigowares piece, we offer you the option to send it back to us in exchange for 25% off your next purchase with Indigowares.

Just email us

We will reuse, recycle, or repurpose your old Indigowares to give it a new life.

We offer this service so that you can make the best decisions to keep.


Ultimately repair-rewear-reimagine wherever you can in life and keep them out of landfill for as long as possible.


Before sending it back to us have you considered maybe offering a swop with a friend? Or sell it on as second hand? Maybe gift it to someone who always admired it or reimagine it into something else.


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By offering the above service we hope to make Indigowares a more circular fashion brand.

What is circular fashion?

In brief, circular fashion means that every part of the life span of a garment can be recycled or biodegrade back into the soil.

Could this approach save our planet?

Well, it has the most logical reasoning. We all need to slow down and put thought into how and where we shop for our clothing. If we want to change the way we buy and care for our clothes- and ultimately our planet- we need to stop being a slave to trends and start buying garments wisely and taking care of them like the good friends they are to us.

We can’t go on feeding that need to have the latest of everything and have it tomorrow! Sure it’s convenient in the moment, but it is at the expense of our planet.

Here are a few questions to ask when you shop:

Think about the design: Is it timeless? How much longevity in its life span does it have? 

Always consider the materials used: Are they from sustainable sources or recycled, reused? Have they been ethically produced and made in safe working conditions? Are animal rights upheld?

I know it’s a lot to have to consider but I do believe everyone’s heart is in the right place. I think that most are already subconsciously considering some of these, which means we’re half way there! Now let’s all learn how to ACT on these thoughts and shop ethically.

Indigowares will keep on striving to lessen our impact on the planet through using sustainable fabrics and natural dyes that are planet friendly and skin friendly. 

You can always read more about sustainable style in one of my blogs here