Hand-dyed natural indigo chore jacket with delicate kantha stitches running all over.




NATURALLY DYED with 12 dips indigo

blue chore jacket


Meet our latest hand dyed hand stitched jacket.


SMALL Armpit to armpit – 66cm/ 26 inch. Length from shoulder to hem 61cm/ 24 inch.

MEDIUM Armpit to armpit – 68 cm / 27 inch. Shoulder to hem 63cm / 25 inch.

LARGE Armpit to armpit – 70cm / 27.5 inch. Length from shoulder to hem 65cm / 25.5 inch.

kantha stitched fabric
hand-dyed indigo

We’re on a mission to bring meaning back to your closet, one meticulously crafted garment at a time. 


Our Kantha Chore Jacket does exactly this, with a timeless design that has carefully considered sustainability every step of the way.


I’ve wanted to combine kantha stitching with a chore jacket for a long time. They are the ultimate staple, able to act as a liner jacket or house coat in winter, then a throw-on jacket for a light breeze in the summer.


Think of them a bit like a denim jacket, with an extra level of comfort and a touch of minimalist utility.

If you are looking for a more unisex style jacket, the chore jacket is the perfect answer.

Each piece is created to age gracefully and become a cherished friend in your wardrobe.


How do we craft the naturally dyed kantha stitched cotton?


This will be our 4th Tarai blue stitched and dyed jacket. Alongside the Tarai Blue Indigo Farm, we have developed a naturally dyed kantha stitched cotton that we can over dye with our favourite natural pigments.


To make this type of fabric, the cotton is first scoured – which means cleaned for dyeing –dried, then laid out in front of the embroiderer. By cutting the rough shape of the jacket first, the embroiderer then knows exactly how much area she has to cover. This saves time and prevents excess fabric from being stitched. Rough straight guidelines are chalked on, and running stitches are made across the entirety of what will become the chore jacket.


The newly stitched fabric is then taken to the dye vats, soaked in water to open up the fibres and then dyed. This can take a few days depending on the depth of shade we trying to achieve. Creating this textile ends in the fabric being washed, rinsed, dried, pressed and passed onto the tailors to stitch it together.


All the seams are bound for longevity and the chunky cocky husk buttons are sewn on. With these final touches, your chore jacket is ready to wear.




  • 100% handloom cotton.
  • Front patch pockets and 1 chest pocket.
  • Coconut husk buttons.
  • Solid beautiful 12 dips of natural indigo. The stitched kantha fabric taking on little nuances of colour detail as the natural dye has soaked up in and around each of the kantha stitches.



  • Wash cool. Line dry. Hot iron.
  • This jacket can be washed on a cool wash in a machine. Or you can hand wash cold to preserve the depth of shade longer.
  • We highly recommend you use eco friendly non bio detergent that will be gentle to your jacket and also the planet.
  • Store out of direct sunlight.


Your jacket will fade a bit like a pair of jeans and will take on your own creases of wear creating a unique textile.


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chore jacket
blue chore jacket

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