Organic Cotton Bandana – Madder Tie Dye


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Natutrally dyed organic cotton bandana

naturally dyed cotton
organic cotton bandana

A timeless naturally madder dyed 100% organic cotton bandana that will be with you for years.

Whether you use it as a headscarf, face cover, wristband or neckerchief, this bandana is a versatile piece and a great gift idea.


Naturally dyed.

Hand-dyed in madder root.

Tied and dyed one by one.

Size – 52cm x 52cm

100% Organic cotton.

Made exclusively for Indigowares.

More about Madder….

Natural dye Madder is also known as Rubia tinctorum, indian madder, munjeet, chapi chapi, to name a few.

It creates colours of reds from pale pinks to rich brick shades dependant on water quality (hard or soft) and type of mordant used.

Above ground, the plant does not give any hint of the warm red shades held in its roots below. Growing is a game of patience. It can take 5 years or more to grow a mature enough plant to have roots big enough to be dug up and used for dye extraction.

Madder has been used for centuries as a most reliable red dye with excellent colourfastness.

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naturally dyed cotton
naturally dyed cotton