Naturally Dyed T Shirt – Hand dyed Indigo hemp cotton blend


Cultivate Your Inner Indigo

Our limited-edition, hand-dyed indigo T-shirt is crafted from a blend of hemp and cotton. Soft and comfortable, this sustainable garment lets you wrap yourself in the rich hues of nature.



natural blue dye
natural blue dye

50% hemp 50% cotton. Sewn with 100% cotton thread. Garment dyed.


Size Measurements

SMALL – 20 inch /51cm   armpit to armpit. Length from shoulder to hem 27 inch/ 69cm.

MEDIUM – 21 inch /53cm armpit to armpit. Length from shoulder to hem  27 inch /69cm.

LARGE – 22 inch / 56cm armpit to armpit. Length from shoulder to hem 28.5 inch / 73cm.


The features of our hand-dyed limited edition indigo t-shirt:

Tee Indigo Points 


  • Wash cool
  • Line dry
  • Hot iron
  • May fade if left in the sun
  • Will age with wear

Note: Each T-shirt will vary slightly in colour and shade due to the hand-dyeing process

A Tshirt with a story

It all starts in the soil. Each limited edition t-shirt is hand-dyed with natural indigofera tinctoria, a pigment extracted from the indigo plant, grown on the Tarai Blue Indigo Farm located below the Himalayas. Read about the process here.

We spent over a year sourcing the perfect hemp jersey, so we could bring you a timeless silhouette in a fibre that requires remarkably few chemicals and energy compared to others. Using hemp is one of the biggest ways to minimize carbon footprint, plus its natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties enhance comfort and reduce excessive laundering.

This rich shade of indigo is created by hand, with 6 dips in the indigo vat. When you wear this timeless tee, you can picture the places, processes and hands that created it.

And the story isn’t done – a natural dyed garment evolves with you! With every wear, this T-shirt will age gracefully, similar to the patina of your favourite jeans.

Interested in more traceable indigo garments? Take a look at our Seed to Closet Collection here.

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