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The Art of Block Printing

Read about the history of block printing including the mud printing techniques used in our Spring 22 collection

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Timeless Tie Dye

A look at the origins of tie dye and how to make your own DIY patterns with natural dyes.

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Growing and Harvesting Indigo

A look at the full process of growing and harvesting indigo, with images of every step.

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What is Kantha Stitching?

Our Kantha jackets are created with a traditional Bengali technique. Read about it here!

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Tracing the Indigo Criss Cross Jacket

The first of our Seed to Closet collection, where we trace every material back to the earth and artisans who created it.
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An Indigo Story

The story of Kiran Sandhu, the indigo artist who grows, harvests,  and creates our indigo cakes on her farm.

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The Eco Printing Process

A look at the natural printing processes that use botanical dyes found in leaves, dried or fresh flowers, herbs, some food waste and natural dye extracts.

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Our Story So Far

Click to read about the philosophy behind Indigowares, and the journey that started it all.

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Levi’s Reimagine: The First Steps

The story of our collaboration with Levi’s to design and hand-dye their Reimagine Collection

Kantha Jacket

The Eco Printing Process

When you buy a Kantha Jacket from Indigowares, you’re not only gaining a comfortable and sustainable wardrobe staple. Your new garment is a one-of-a kind treasure, rich in history and tradition – read all about it here!

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The Magical Indigo Plant

Did you know that natural indigo dye comes from a plant? We look at the steps to take the plant from harvest through to the magical indigo blue colour.

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The Origins of Indigo Dye

Read about the origins of indigo’s use as a dye from all different cultures, all over the world.

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Naturally Pink Avocado Dye

Avocado pits can create the most beautiful natural pink dye for fabric. This blog talks through the whole process of making this natural colour come to life on fabric.


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Sustainable Fashion: The Next Big Trend

Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. Frustratingly, many large brands seem to be moving very slowly towards a more sustainable approach. However, recent announcements, prompted by consumer demand, are looking more promising.

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How is Ikat pattern made?

Resist dyeing is a technique that keeps the dye away from selected areas of the fabric or yarn in order to create a pattern or shape. Read about the Ikat pattern, a long resist dyeing process that ultimately ends up as a piece of beautifully woven cloth.

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What is Block Printing?

Learn more about block printing, one of the oldest, simplest and slowest forms of all textile printing methods.

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Sustainable leather or Vegan Leather?

A look at the ethics of leather, vegan and faux leather, chemical tannins, and the most sustainable biodegradable options.

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The Pattern Making Process

Keeping alive traditional processes in garment manufacturing gives our clothing life and new meaning through who made it and the story behind it.

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Indigo and Shibori

A peek back at previous indigo and shibori workshops, where participants got to create their own beautiful patterns.

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The Tora Tote Bag

Take a look back at the process of indigo dyeing and pattern creation for one of our old styles, the Tora Tote. 

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Repair and Care

Read about our Repair and Care service, where you can send us any of your worn Indigowares to mend for free! We’ll also recycle any garments that you’re ready to retire.

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