The Pattern Making Process


I am in love with the process of making pattern. By keeping alive traditional processes in garment manufacture, textile design and dyeing techniques – learning, practicing  and creating will give our clothing life and new meaning – who made it and the story behind it. To create my wares I am forever searching for new fabrics to experiment with. There are core fabrics and materials that are consistently in the collection that have natural timeless beauty and style – bull denim, cotton, silk and leather. Dyeing with indigo and learning new techniques is the driving force behind all my work.


Bull Denim 

Organic denim

Irish Linen 


Organic Cotton Bamboo Jersey

Organic cotton calico


10 oz Bull Denim

As you know denim is a durable everyday fabric. Normal denims are constructed in twill weave with indigo and white yarns. Traditionally 100% cotton. Bull denim is the raw version of blue denim – it has no indigo yarn used in the weaving production. It’s a great cloth for tote bags and takes the indigo beautifully once I have applied my shibori processes to it.




I use natural vegetable tanned leather on all my handles. It’s looks, touch and smell are second to none.  As this leather ages through everyday use it’s character and beauty are enhanced. Making it the perfect marriage with my tote bags. You will own a truly distinctive piece that becomes unique as you use it everyday.