April 2018


I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with the Blog since January. My Dad passed away and coming to terms with losing him and getting to know the roller coaster of grief, has been an overload on all my senses. Just to keep working has sometimes all that has been keeping me steady.

Anyway, let me tell you about my April adventures.

Most of April I spent making and getting ready for Firle Garden Show down in Sussex.

I have been perfecting my dip dyed market tote. Its made out of a medium weight premium natural hessian. After making samples and looking like a labrador, from all the hairy hessian fluff after washing. I am finally happy with the quality and strength. Each one gets washed 3 times to make sure it is as colourfast. I love the organic patterns from the dipping process. Sometimes they take on water forms like the Japanese wave illustration and other times they seem more like mountain forms. It really is one of my most satisfying bag designs to date.

Pockets and lining inside the Maitake tote bag
Dip dyed Market tote

Firle is a 3 day show and I am lucky enough to be in the Old Georgian Riding School with lots of other fabulous makers, selling our wares. Its mainly a spring garden show but they also have lots of wonderful hand-made makers and artisans also showing there. The back drop of the main house is just jaw dropping beautiful – worth visiting even when the show isn’t on.


We had a great show, met lots of lovely people and talked ALOT about indigo. 

their explanation site