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Zero Waste Fabric Scrap Bag – Natural Undyed Cotton Jersey


Organic cotton jersey off cuts.

Mixture of sizes included

In stock


zero waste fabric bags

We have some little bundles of zero waste fabric packs that I think you might like. All are from our off cuts from natural organic fibre.

This listing is for  a 500g pack of organic un-dyed cotton  jersey. Varous sizes included long strips and 15-20 cm squares. Lots of bits and bobs.

These would be great for your crafting projects, maybe in patchwork, crafted into a scrunchie, used to patch your jeans with sashiko stitches or used to do little test bundle dye parcel experiments.⁠
The possibilities are yours!⁠
Each pack is 500g or just over. ⁠
Hoping that these zero waste fabric bags tie in nicely with our Repair and Care service which we offer free with all our indigowares purchases for life. 
Ultimately repair-rewear-reimagine wherever you can in life and keep them out of landfill for as long as possible. 💙🌎💙


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