• kantha waistcoat

Kantha Waistcoat – Vintage White – Zig Zag


Just 2 smalls left in this pattern

Great layered over t shirts, hoodies and dresses.

Must have for this summer.

Made in small batches to give you something unique and beautiful.

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kantha waistcoat
kantha waistcoat

Vintage Kantha Waistcoat

Kantha Waistcoat

In love with our vintage white kantha waistcoats.

Made from pieces of vintage kantha quilt patterns. Each with unique hand embroidery stitches.

Up cycled kantha stitched textile quilted waistcoat. 

Designed for you to layer over t shirts, hoodies, dresses and denim jackets. A super versatile waistcoat that brings with it a wealth of beautiful stitch work you will marvel over. I know I do!

Giving you a piece of indian history to treasure and take on your journeys.

Each kantha waistcoat has a base vintage white quilted layer with a mix of red, blue and green stunning one-of-a-kind stitchery.


Free delivery on this jacket.

Relaxed boxy fit 

Two front patch pockets 

100% repurposed vintage textiles. Each quilt is between 30-100 years old.

Each batch of kantha waistcoats are hand picked by Lisa with Kartik in Jaipur, India and made by his small team of tailors.


SMALL   Armpit to armpit 54cm / 21 inch 

MEDIUM   Armpit to armpit 61cm / 24 inches

LARGE   Armpit to armpit 70cm / 27inch 

Shoulder to hem on ALL 54cm / 21 inch 


Small batch production.

High quality craftsmanship.

Low environmental impact.

Each jacket has its own unique kantha stitch style covering its entirety.

When you buy one from this batch you will get a vintage white kantha waistcoat with variations of kantha stitched patterns. Being handmade no 2 are the same.

You may not get one exactly with the stitch detail in the picture but it will be similar, stitch layout may be different.


kantha waistcoat
kantha waistcoat

What is Kantha?

Kantha is a style of stitching found in Indian embroidery, traditionally found in Bangladesh, Bengal, Odisha and Tripura.

Classically created originally by stacking old saris onto each other and hand stitching them together using a simple running stitch to make a thin cushioned layer. Traditionally Bengali women layered together old discarded saris and clothing with the simple kantha style stitching to make a bedspread or bed cushion.

Kantha stitched embroidery is one of the most important textile arts in Eastern india. It can be traced back 500 years as a way the Bengalis recycled old saris, dhotis and household textiles. By using the kantha technique they up-cycled their old textiles into quilts for warmth and comfort. Even the yarn used to make the embroidery was salvaged from the other textiles and clothing. 

Read more about Kantha stitching here

Indigowares has ancient roots with modern soul.

Creating clothing with a conscience that you will treasure forever.


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