Hand-dyed Indigo Pashmina


The organic lines of this super lux hand-dyed indigo pashmina are truly exquisite.

One of a kind.

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Hand-Dyed Pashmina

Transform your look with this sumptuous hand-dyed pashmina.

This design is one of a kind and would look drop dead gorgeous wrapped around any neck or shoulders and also make a lovely gift!

The patterns have been made by using the technique of Shibori, a Japanese term for several methods of resist-dying cloth. There are hundreds of ways to manipulate cloth for shibori, each way has infinite possibilities for different resist designs and patterns.

This makes each hand-dyed pashmina slightly different and unique.


183cm x 68cm

100% pashmina

Clean edges with tasseled ends

Tassels 5cm long

Hand-dyed, please allow for slight colour and pattern variation.

Store out of sunlight

Scarf Care

Hand wash cool or on a 30-degree delicate cycle in your machine.

Hand-dyed in England


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