The process involved to create this pattern is a labour of love, patience and sore fingers.

Preparation is everything. The denim is scoured and dried. Then laid flat so that lines can be drawn as stitching guides. By folding and stitching a basic running stitch through the denim I can shape a shibori pattern with unusual and abstract repeated elements , making each tote panel distinctive and unique. Stitching on the fold creates two lines of resist. I repeat this process all over the bull denim until the fabric is full of folded stitching.

To prepare the bull denim for the indigo the threads are drawn up tightly, secured and knotted on each end. This must be repeated  all over being careful not to snap one. The bundle has a beautiful 3d abstract sculptural feel once it is all scrunched up.

Now its ready to rock and roll in the indigo. I always layer up the levels of indigo slowly to create a rich dark hue. The excitement starts to mount as I near the end of the dying process.

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